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    Video Success Is Measured by Inspiration, Not Money


    Video Success Is Measured by Inspiration, Not Money
    L2 - NYU Stern
    Module 2: Video & PrestigeBen Relles, Head of Creative Development, YouTube Next Lab: "How Prestige Brands Can Succeed with Online Video"Ant Cauchi, Founder,  Outside Line: "Celebrity & Video: Case Studies"Maureen Mullen & Andrea Derricks, Research & Advisory, L2: "L2's Video & Celebrity Countdown"Viral videos are making headlines as millions of people tune in
    online to watch them. Celebrities are emerging from unlikely places as
    the web turns from static pages to moving images. Video’s ability to
    entice and engage consumers is unparalleled, and this poses both
    opportunities and challenges for prestige brands. In this new landscape, how do prestige brands:
    Use video and celebrity to achieve their marketing goals?
    Take advantage of the opportunity while maintaining the selectivity and
    aesthetics they have worked years to establish?
    Reap the benefits that earned media brings from celebrity endorsements
    (both traditional and web phenomena)?