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    Broken Teeth by Children Dentist, Bloomfield NJ, Edward Shluper


    by dentistledgewood

    Children Dentist, Bloomfield NJ, Edward Shluper, speaks about Broken Teeth.
    Chipped or broken teeth can be fixed by a dentist before the damage of the tooth hasn't become large enough in which will need a tooth extraction. Methods used to fix chipped, or broken teeth, with minor to mid broken damage are dental crowns. However teeth with severe damage or that have been broken into deep, very close to the edge of the gums will need more work. Dental bridge work will be in need if dealing with severe teeth, and plaque damage. Take in consideration that each, and every dentist, orthodontist, or hygienists, will have a different way to best treat chipped tooth problems, and provide the best treatment to avoid cavities in the teeth.
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