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    Video #003 of 270 - The Masters Course - How To Use Your God Power To Find Love Happiness & Success In 2012 And Beyond - Learn The Secrets And Techniques - By New Age Guru Richard Lee McKim Jr. - Chapter 01 - What Is Your God Power - Part 03 of 20

    Richard McKim

    by Richard McKim

    Chapter #1 - “Your God Power” (Segment #3 of 20) []
    When a certain Meaning is initiated, it elicits from the situation all those things that are “like it” and brings them into action. At the same time, all those responses that are not relevant to the Meaning asserted, like the red Tuning Forks, do not respond and are not activated. The meaning of exercising causes all the responses needed to create Muscle. Some call this the “Law of Attraction,” where like attracts like. Once you read the section on “Frequencies and Resonance” you will really understand the Meanings that these Tuning Forks represent. [CONTINUED IN THE BOOK]

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