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    Nursing Home Blaze Kills Nine In Chile


    by NTDTelevision

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    Nine elderly patients of a retirement home are killed and three are in hospital after a blaze ripped through the complex in Canete, Chile. Here's more.

    By the time firefighters reached the Digno Atardecer retirement village in Chile on Monday, authorities say the fire had already claimed nine lives and was already dying down.

    Rescue workers said the victims were over 70 years old and unable to move from their beds.


    [Cristian Roa, Canete Fire Station Commander]:
    "It was really quick and advanced ferociously. And as I said, by the time the first truck arrived there was nothing to do but work to extinguish the flames and lower the temperature."

    Three patients from the home are still in hospital, two suffering from burns to their lungs and airways.

    [Dr. David Contreras, Canete Hospital]:
    "We took in ten patients from the retirement village "Digno Atardecer." Three of them were in a condition that required intensive care, two of them were male with suspected burns in their airways so they have been hospitalized here for observation."

    The fire has shocked residents in Canete, a small city in southern Chile, located over 370 miles from the capital Santiago.

    It started late on Sunday night but firefighters were still trying to put the blaze out in the early hours of Monday morning as distressed relatives and witnesses looked on.

    [Paola Gomez, Witness]:
    "[The firefighters] tried to get in there but it was impossible because the flames were so high and we were looking from here, where I am standing now, and we couldn't even stand the heat it was so bad."

    High winds fueled the fire as it quickly raged through the home's wooden buildings.

    Authorities believe a faulty heater could be to blame but investigations into the causes of the blaze are still being carried out.