Dance Moms_"Wildly Inappropriate" s01-e02

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The moms allow their girls to wear revealing outfits in a competition and scandal ensues. Meanwhile, Abbys new racy routine raises eyebrows


opción del idioma
By chailipo October
please, lenguaje
By chailipo October
I also agree with the moms for the costume and the dance. Some of the dance was ok but when they opened their legs and when Nia smacked her bottom, things weren't so pretty. Maddie and Chloe executed the moves pretty well though. -Madeline and Natalie
By Dancer1010 June
The dance and the costume for group dance was inapropite i agree with the moms
By dm_5106dfcf6d542 last year
6.Chloe (don't like her)
5.nia (her mom is awesome)
4.Paige ( cute girl)
3. Kenzie (the cutiest thing ever)
2.Brooke ( pretty and good at acro)
1. Maddie!!!! (the most talented one and very beautiful )
By dm_5008c23a6b219 2 years ago