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    Wake : Nico's Reverse Session



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    Have you ever thought about riding a cable park in reverse? That’s exactly what we were discussing with our team rider Nico von Lerchenfeld, and so the idea of “Nico’s Reverse Session” came up. It‘s about riding cable parks in the “wrong” direction and finding new options and new lines. Having to ollie up onto an obstacle makes it even more fun. With a wave runner in tow, we went on a trip to hit two of the best obstacle cable parks in Germany with Nico, Kevin Henshaw, Ben Horan, Andy Kolb and Jan Kissmann.


    Avez-vous déjà pensé à prendre les modules de wake en sens inverse ?
    Cette idée à germée dans la tête de Nico von Lerchenfeld et sa bande : Kevin Henshaw, Ben Horan, Andy Kolb et Jan Kissmann. On ne manque pas d'imagination en Allemagne. Avis aux amateurs.