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    Flat Footwear Ideas for Women - Women's Style

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Flats - as part of the Women's Style series by GeoBeats. Let's talk about flats. I picked out three new flats that have not hit the market yet, and I am excited about. We are going to be launching them for fall 2011 and it will be also in the market for the 2012 collection. This is a new little flat right here. And it is just a super simple design, kind of got a pointed toe. It is with vegetable tanned Italian leathers. I got a little snake print to it and a little bit of shine. These are all padded inside. Super comfortable, just a very simple little item and I really like it. This is a little, kind of funky silhouette. It is got the solid brass pyramid studs, all kind of random and kind of funky on there. And they have got padded leather insoles as well. Kind of speaks for itself. It is fun, it is neat. This is the low bow. This is actually a shoe that has been doing really well for us and I am definitely going forward with it. It has some cut-outs inside, little holes so you are skin kind of can peek through or if you are wearing a sock. Again, same features, all padded insoles and super comfortable, really cute little design. Flats have always been a staple for women and for being in fashion. Flats can be a couple things to different people. Some people need flats for comfort. Some people really like it because it is actually a trend in fashion with the skinny jeans. And I love having a flat shoe, I can get around pretty fast.