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    Handcrafted Wedges for Women - Women's Style

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Wedges - as part of the Women's Style series by GeoBeats. I am going to show you a couple of new wedges from the collection. They are just really kind of simple design. This is, again, super light weight. I do hand sculpt out the inside, we drill with a drill press, we lighten up the wood so it is very comfortable, again, padded and sole. This is some new artwork, we call it the snake artwork, it is really pretty. It is a very ornate and detailed but very subtle detail for having a little bling but not too much. That tends to work with everything in your outfit. So this is a great shoe, very simple design. We love it. This wedge, basically it is only a half inch pitch so you are not compromising comfort but you get to have a three and a half inch height to your outfit without having to be in a high heel. Again we put some new studded artwork, little straps to hold your foot in. Super comfortable. This shoe actually you can wear all day and it is super comfy. This is part of the new collection, again, for fall and this is again hand sculpted wood with a beveled edge. It is quiet beautiful. The craftsman ship and the detail work of our woods are very very unique. I am sure you will never see anything else out there like it. It is, actually, what we are doing with our woods is bring back a lost art. California back in the 70s was known for hand sculpting woods as a component and each country has its own specialty of what they used to do well in the craftsman ship, California known for woods. So we are bringing back a lost art and very proud of our work. This is a fun boot, it has got a little snake detail in the leather with a hand studded kind of sexy strip up the back. Wedges traditionally are more comfortable and it has a little bit more of a casual edge. It is alsm, a lot of wedges, it gives you an opportunity to give you the higher wedge and still not compromise that comfort.