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    Handcrafted Sandals for Women - Women's Style

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Sandals - as part of the Women's Style series by GeoBeats. One of my constructions, that I am pretty famous for, is the hand-molded leather. So, we actually take a leather sole and then we put it in. We get it wet and then we stick it in a machine that hand-molds the arch suppport. And then I put a slice of Evea foam on the mid-sole and then we hand press everything down. So a flat piece of leather turns into a completely, like ergonomic leaf fitted shoe for your foot. So not only are they, you know, get a beautiful design. Like, this is a really pretty design. This is a new one for 2012 and you can see the staple work of solid brass, solid nickel. This is all hand kicked pressed in one by one. All my art is done by free hand and it is great. This sandal right here is called The Shayla. And it is really special. It is kind of limited production, but I carry it in thirty, probably about thirty stores throughout the world. And this is an, a Citrine Drusy, so it is actually a raw stone and we have set it inside with the detail trim of the solid nickel artwork around. And again, it is on the same construction, a little toe band, you know. It is super pretty. But this is a kind of shoe that you can wear during the day or you can dress it up and wear it in the evening as well. This sandal right here is kind of funky. It is actually cow fur. So, it is the spotted brown and white cow fur. Kind of has like a kind of a bit like a Birkenstock feel, but taking it and updating it so it is a lot more chic. And I personally really think this is a great sandal. This sandal is called The Tipique. It is doing really well. It is again- it is hand-woven. This is going on a little one inch hand carved wood heel, just a simple little slide. Really simple. But then again, it is feminine and it has got a padded in-sole inside. So it is really comfortable and kind of speaks for itself with the kind of African inspired staple and design work on top. I find that sandals actually are pretty functional and like when they have a little pizzaz to them and they got a little, you know, something that sparkles or that you can actually, again, I think it is really a versatile item to be able to wear during the day and also still be able to go out after work and still look great.