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TRAILER OF "THE HANDS OF THE SPIRIT-Revelations about Filipino healers"

il y a 7 ans13.6K views



Trailer of the film "The Hands of the Spirit - Revelations about the Filipino healers" .
Director: Alois Audebrand - Editing: Stephanie Coquelet.
Long considered as illusionists in the absence of rational explanations, numerous studies attest the reality of the phenomenon. The first major study is by Dr. Sautemann who studied 1200 cases, a year after they were treated in the Philippines, she found a cure rate of 90% ...
"What matters to me is the results ...", "I have collected them myself from all around the world, I did not find exactly 90% success ... but not far; only retaining the terminal cases, most of them metastatic cancers. So I was able to verify the results of this amazing healing practice. "
Dr. Jan Van Hermet, Professor of Medicine, University College Dutch.

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TRAILER OF "THE HANDS OF THE SPIRIT-Revelations about Filipino healers"
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