Mirin Dajo - A Special Book Excerpt About Mirin Dajo He Made a Living Stabbing Himself With a Sword

Richard McKim

by Richard McKim

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This Mirin Dajo Excerpt is From The Book and Course: “How To Use Your God Power.” The Following is a Partial Text Excerpt from the Book Itself. (Chapter #10) He was able to plunge a sword into his abdomen on a regular basis as part of his “Act.” I don’t mean to say that he did it as an “Illusion,” he actually stuck the sword through his flesh as part of his performance. Just remember, just because you are seeing some trick or amazing act being performed in front of an audience doesn’t mean that it is an “Illusion,” it could be Real [CONTINUED IN THE BOOK]

References: MIRIN DAJO - The Extreme Human Pincushion http://thehumanmarvels.com/?p=98

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