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    Ophthalmologist Hamden CT, Children's Eye Care, Jeffrey D Gold


    by OphthalmologyHamden

    Cataract doctor from Hamden, CT, Dr. Jeffrey D. Gold speaks about early eye vision care for children. Early Eye care is very important. Adults who visited the ophthalmologist in the early ages are less prompted to develop eye diseases, or eye imperfections. Dr. Jeffrey D. Gold mentions that a child should have the first appointment with the optometrist by age 5. Second visit should be by age 10. Teenagers should visit the optometrist a few times, just to complete the follow-up of the previous exams. However eye vision problems affect adults very heavily. Adults with diabetes, high cholesterol, and with blood pressure problems are heavily affected. If you don't want to experience any of the mentioned eye diseases, and eye imperfections please visit your local eye care doctor. For more videos please visit the following site: