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    BẢN TIN TIẾNG ANH 07.08.2011



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    1. National Assembly Chairman Nguyễn Sinh Hùng chaired a press conference on August 6 in Hanoi on the outcomes of the first session of the 13th National Assembly.
    2. ASEAN cooperation has now become an important and indispensable factor for peace, stability and development in Southeast Asia. It has given a strong boost to dialogues and connectivity in East Asia and Asia-Pacific.
    3. The National Assembly on August 6 passed tax measures to ease difficulties for businesses and labourers. This is considered an appropriate solution at a time when the economy is facing a great deal of difficulties and challenges.
    4. The Vietnam Red Cross Society launched an action month for Agent Orange Victims in Hanoi on August 7 to mark the 50th anniversary of the Agent Orange/Dioxin Disaster in Vietnam.
    5. Children from more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide will speak of what they need to do for a safe and friendly environment when they meet at the 2011 National Children’s Forum in Hanoi next week
    6. At the event, children will also discuss ways to escape from risks of being abused and exploited physically, with the aim of raising public and political awareness for the implementation of the right of children in the country.
    7. Muifa storm, the 25th of its kind hitting the Northwest Pacific-Asia within this year, approached China and Japan, forcing the two countries’ authorities to raise their warning level and stop all activities of boats and ships operating on the sea. Meanwhile, a 5.6 magnitude earthquake stroke Indonesia