Bunion Surgery - Austin Podiatrist Bunionectomy

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Bunion Surgery - Austin Texas Podiatrist Bunionectomy
Dr. Michael Golf discusses surgical correction of a bunion by performing a bunionectomy.
Bunionectomies are designed to reduce the everyday pain caused by the bunion and are broken up into many categories. I will discuss the most common. The first category is a simple bunionectomy where the bony prominence is removed and some soft tissue releases are performed. The second type of bunionectomy, which is for a moderate deformity, requires a cut in the bone called an osteotomy. This is by far the most common type of bunionectomy performed. The third bunionectomy is performed for a severe deformity and involves 6 to 8 weeks non weight-bearing and 6 weeks in a boot. The fourth type of bunionectomy usually involves arthritis in the joint or such a severe deformity that the joint needs to be fused or replaced. Most patients with moderate bunion deformities need to the second example, the bunionectomy with oste