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    Bunions - Austin Podiatrist, Michael Golf, DPM


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    Bunion - Podiatry - Austin Podiatrist, Michael Golf, DPM
    Dr. Michael Golf discusses the symptoms, causes and treatments for bunions.
    Bunions are caused by the way the bones move in your feet which is an inherited characteristic from your ancestors. The bunion develops slowly as a result of normal walking over years beginning when you began to walk as a child. We do see some bunions as early as age 9 or 10 called juvenile bunions. Bunions are rarely symptomatic unless patient's wear shoes that aggravate them. The bunions themselves are not symptomatic but pressure from the shoe is what causes the pain with bunions. There are some deformities in the bunion category that involve arthritis which can be painful without shoes. Overall most young adult patients do not develop arthritis with bunions. Bunions can be completely managed and accommodated conservatively with shoes. The bunion deformities in children can be slowed down with arch supports called orthotic