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    Bruce Lee Memorabilia Auction in Hong Kong


    by NTDTelevision

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    Thirteen items that belonged to one of the most influential martial artist and cultural icon, Bruce Lee will be up for auction this Saturday in Hong Kong. Among the items to be sold is hand-written letter from the late kung fu legend. Let's have a look.

    For many, he's the face of martial arts. Bruce Lee dazzled audiences and brought a new cultural awareness of the East to the West. Now, 42 years after his untimely death, an auction of Bruce Lee memorabilia will take place in the city he was raised.

    Hong Kong—the city where Bruce Lee spent his most formative years. Many still consider him to be its greatest export.

    This Saturday, an auction here will be held of 13 items belonging to the legendary kung fu master.

    [Anna Lee, Auction Spokesperson]:
    "Bruce Lee definitely is popular. The media always quote him as one of the favorite sons of Hong Kong. His following is so big that nobody can really, I think the legend will continue, definitely."

    Items to be sold include signed student membership cards to Lee's kung fu schools, a martial-arts book inscribed by the actor, and a fur-lined coat made for the film, "Game of Death." Lee wore it just before his death in 1973.

    [Anna Lee, Auction Spokesperson]:
    "Actually, I think the most important, the best item, I feel, is the three-page letter, hand-written letter by Bruce Lee and it talked about his early days in Hollywood and how he taught megastars how to do Kung Fu and all that. And it's a letter written to his confidante in Seattle, his student, and his long-time friend. So I think it's quite good that he talked about his life in Hollywood."

    The letter is estimated to sell for around 40,000 U.S. dollars.