Myths About Vintage Clothing - Women's Style

Geo Beats

by Geo Beats

Myths About Vintage Clothing - as part of the Women's Style series by GeoBeats. Some of the myths that are associated with vintage clothing is that this item was from a smelly old lady, and that is just a myth. Many of the women that wear vintage clothing, that is designer, are eclectic, interesting individuals that will pick up that item and will treasure it and store it. When you find a wonderful piece that is vintage, know that someone took care of this item, and they bought it with love. Another one of the myths about buying vintage clothing is that this item could fall apart on me once I purchase it. Nothing could be further then the truth. The items that were made back in the day are made with much more detail, stronger fabrics, and they are made better than today's tailoring; sad to say, but it is true. An item that is vintage will fit, will look good, and last longer than some of our current today's clothing. Another myth about finding vintage clothing is fit. Many times we will take a look at a dress with a style that we are not familiar with, and we will think it might look funny or it will not fit us correctly. That is not true. You need to try that item on, give it a chance. Once you have been in that store or at that flea market, take a try on and make sure that the fit is right. Many times that item will fit even better, and it might be even more flattering than an item that is contemporary from today. Another myth about buying vintage clothing is that that item is going to be completely expensive because it is vintage. That is not true. That item, you can find a vintage item at a good price in a thrift store, in a flea market, or in a boutique. Many times that item, if it is priced a little bit more, will be of good detail, it will be of stronger fabric, and it will be made in the U.S., and worth buying that item. One of the most interesting myths I have heard about buying vintage clothing is the energy. Some people worry if they buy a vintage item from someone that just died or someone's estate, they think maybe that item could be haunted or that item might have negative or bad energy. Nothing could be further from the truth, but if you do have a query or you are wondering about your clothing, leave that item out in the sun for three days.