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    Pilates: Side Sit Ups on the Big Ball - Women's Fitness

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

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    Pilates: Side Sit Ups on the Big Ball - part of the women's fitness video series by GeoBeats. Hi. I am Charlotte and this is Alice, and we are here at Streamline Pilates Studio in Brooklyn Heights, New York. We are gonna show you a side sit ups series, using one of the large 55cm gym balls. Alice is gonna start with the ball to her left side and just bring her left foot in front, and her right foot behind. And you can do this against the wall if you are at home and you can bring your legs as wide apart or as close together as feels comfortable having the ball under your hip. You want your top hip stacked right on top of your bottom hip and if it feels good to bring your inner thighs and your knees together you can, or you can have your legs stretched apart. Whatever, whatever helps for your balance. Leaning your hip into the ball, hands behind your head, let's just take a minute, draw your ribs together, yeah, so you are not arching in any way, and your right hip is right on top of your left hip and take an inhale and arch yourself out over the ball and exhale scooping your stomach come back up, and inhale as if you are a wave crusting over the ball, fanning those ribs out over the ball. We will do six or eight here, beautiful, your stomach stays scooped, the ball stays steady, your ribs are drawing together in the front. And then let's bring your arms up over your head to make it a little more challenging, keeping those shoulders down along your back, you are nice and wide across the front of your chest, your ribs are still buttoned together and you are reaching out through your fingertips as you crust over that ball, inhale and exhale back up, inhale reaching up out of your hips, as your hips stay steady. This is great for your waist line, your lower body is working hard to stabilize, as well as your upper body. Keeping those shoulders down along your back, reaching out through your fingertips. Hands behind your head, now we are gonna have you just twist to face the ball. Your hips are still stacked to your lower body has not twisted. It is just through your ribcage. Inhale, reach out over the ball, again crusting over the ball, and exhale scoop your stomach and come up. And we'll do four here. Good, nice and wide across your chest, shoulders are still down along your back, beautiful. Even these legs are working hard, and now let's twist, and let's face the wall, in round towards the wall, and come back, scooping your stomach. Great, this is great for your waist line, great for your oblique muscles, all of those core muscles. Good, four, here. And you are done. Nice work.