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    Impact presentations for your next conference - 1


    by neilbarnes86

    1 view Here is an abstract of the outstanding interview from Adam Ace.
    If you want the latest strategies about how to engage your audience for your next conference, this is a must.

    Adam Ace is a comedian who studied audience interaction. He cracked the code about how to take crowds on a presentation adventure with them never knowing what to expect next, and applied the results to corporate and conference presentations. Your speakers will easily engage their audience, pplying his secrets.

    The full interview about these strategies for conference producers is available at SuccesfulConferenceTV. "Learn From the Experts" is the first professional TV for conference, trade show, and event professionals.

    Dan Ake is the author of "The 7 Spells of the new Conference People 2.0."
    and a highly-recognized expert, speaker, and business consultant in the convention industry.
    Dan Ake is one of the world's leading authorities on social media for conferences and trade shows.