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    Episode 1 Sonic X AMV

    tEh JuzZbEh

    by tEh JuzZbEh

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    Sonic X AMV

    Song: Speedy Speed Boy
    Artist: Marko Polo

    Episode 1, Well the second half anyway, in amv form. I decided to go with something from the YTMND Soundtrack for this one. What's you ask? Well, its one of the funniest sites on the web. If you like to laugh go there. If you don't like laughing WTF is wrong with you!

    Anyway...Im planning on making all the Sonic X episodes into AMV's so that means Im gonna need lots of tunez, so if you got a song that you wanna see made into an AMV lemme know any rock song, techno song, and funny song is fair game. Rap songs...maybe...If I feel like doing a lipsync vid.