Rolling in the Deep Cover by Leshai


by Leshai

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In this video, 15-year-old aspiring singer Leshai covers Adele's #1 hit, "Rolling in the Deep." While maintaining the originality of the song, Leshai also adds her own unique style making the song not just a cover, but her own personal rendition. True Adele fans are already aware that trying to mimic the outstanding vocal skills of the English artist is close to impossible. Leshai, however, uses her amazing vocal ability to make this cover truly one of a kind. This video is a must see!


I totally recommend the MakeAStar contest -- I was just going to suggest the same thing. I always make sure to visit and vote for new artists at since every month something new always shows up since MakeAStar is on-going. I love leaving comments for the artists and my votes actually count!
By hannsolos 2 years ago
you have such a beautiful voice! i really enjoyed this =)))
have you ever thought of like entering a contest or anything?? Theres like an american idol style contest going on at
its a great way to promote yourself!
By RedRKT 2 years ago