Tips for Aspiring Chefs at Home

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Tips for Aspiring Chefs at Home - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi I am Oron Franco from The Private Chef NYC. So here are some tips for all of you aspiring chefs out there at home. The main ingredient you want to use in your kitchen is creativity. Whatever is it that you are doing, whatever is it that you are making, try to add your own twist on the recipes. So go to the market, get your favorite spices, your favorite herbs, your favorite proteins, come back in the kitchen, and start trying. Second thing you want to be is be persistent, do not give up. You are going to do a lot of recipes that are going to fail. I personally made six pairs of brownies before I got my perfect brownie, and just they all went into the garbage. So just keep trying, keep trying, take the recipe, maybe change a little bit, add your own twist, see what works, what does not work. Taste everything as you go along, and eventually you will get to that perfect dish. And the third thing you want to remember is always try to expand your experience. So if there is something that you have not tried before, maybe different flavors, different types of cuisine, you have to explore. You have to be adventurous with your food, even if it looks disgusting on the plate, even if it is alive or it is something that you thought you would never eat. If you want to get to that top level, you have to at least try to experience everything. So go out to the market, smell your food, touch your food, if you can even taste your food, try to get as close as you can to your products. Understand where everything comes from. And that way, your dishes will always come on top. So happy cooking.