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    1st Look: Superman "The Man Of Steel"


    by Buzz60

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    Who should have been cast as the new Superman?
    By Buzz605 years ago
    Anthony Pilone
    @wesj1231 Because this is a reboot. And their using the wrong cast, and their rehashing a villain Superman's already fought in the movies! Us fans want something different - a different villain for superman to fight because he has a large line of enemies to fight!!!

    Snyder's a fool not to cast Tom Welling, he's earned it!! However, i am looking more forward to JLA, in which not only they should cast in the heroes from Smallville and Tom Welling for Superman, because the league is basically set. All they need, is Batman, Wonder Woman, Hawk Girl and the Green Lantern!!!
    By Anthony Pilone5 years ago
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    By Eloim33-845 years ago
    Why didn't they use the same cast from Superman Returns?! an who's playing the villain?
    By wesj12315 years ago
    Anthony Pilone
    Dan Didio and Jim Lee was wrong in rebooting the whole DC universe and erasing a lot of it's history, including JSA, Kingdom come, Lois and Clark's relationship, making him a rebel instead of a hero people look up to, in even Superman's first issue #1 from 1938 - it's just stupid and wrong! I was planning to introduce my baby nephew to comic books with Superman and this lousy reboot is ruining it for me and my little nephew! i had trouble sleeping and squeezes my guy and makes me scream because of this shit! As a long-time DC, i know what is right and what is wrong and this "reboot" is wrong! The new suits are horrid, Superman's suit is too bulky and Superman does NOT need knee pads, he's the man of steel, for goodness' sake! And wonder Woman's suit looks bad wearing pants, it decreases that amazonian look to her outfit. I SAY, LOSE THE PANTS, BRING BACK HER BLUE, STAR SPANGLED SHORTS! In short terms, the reboot SUCKS! I'M NOT BUYING ANY REBOOTED CRAP UNTIL THEY GIVE US BACK OUR DCU!!!
    By Anthony Pilone5 years ago
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