Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine 2011-08-02 Melkweg Amsterdam - part 5

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Two songs: Moon over Marin - I Won't Give Up -

Lyrics I Won't Give Up
Here's to fear
'Nother circus election year
Clown-didates pretend they're human beings

Here's the ads
We vote and someone wins
That's all we're allowed to really change

Flatscreen flatscreen on the wall
Who's the best marketed of all
Best disguising what an asshole
They really are
I've had enough of this
We've had enough of this
Audacity to exploit hope for cash

I won't give up
It's not an option

Ain't a fight
Red, blue, or black and white
It ain't like changing channels on TV

Ain't left or right
Or donkeys and elephants
It's the top against the bottom
That is real

The good uprisings
They seem to come in waves
Splash! Then recede
Then splash again

Don't believe the hype
We're the ones being patriotic
When we rise
To fight
Our government
When they're wrong

I won't give up
It's not an option

While everybody around me
Feels broken
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