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    Creative Fabrics for Outdoor Fun

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Creative Fabrics for Outdoor Fun - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. You can use fabric in a multitude of different ways for a summer garden party. One fun idea is to do a bunting, much like the one behind me, to decorate an outside deck, patio, park to kind of you know, if it is, if you are in a park and you want to catch people's eye, so they know where to find you, that is a great, low-cost way to make a really fun decoration. You could stamp on those to make a happy birthday banner. All sorts of different things you can do with that, easy to do with little squares of fabric that are precut, or you could cut up your own used scraps, all sorts of things you can do. Other things, napkins, if you are making napkins for an outdoor party, you can use a yarn dyed fabric, which means that it is going to look the same on front and back as opposed to a printed fabric that is going to look, there is going to be an obvious wrong side to the fabric. That is a really nice choice. Gingham, of course, is always fun for summer. Also, yarn died looks the same, if you are putting together like a picnic throw for on the grass, all sorts of different you can choose botanical prints, brightly colored, you can do more subdued colors. We work with people a lot with oil cloth in the summer for outdoor table cloths. It wipes down easily, you can just leave it outside all summer long. It could also be like, here in the Pacific Northwest, it is wet a lot of the time, and so going for a picnic is does not necessarily mean the ground is going to be dry when you put your nice little blanket down and so oil cloth can be a nice little decorative tarp almost for your blanket. It is not going to be permeable so the dampness is not going to soak into your picnic cloth. One idea that I was thinking of if you were doing a party in the day, and it is a hot day, you might want to choose cooler hued fabrics like blues and greens and aquas to kind of set a cooler mood. If it is an evening party, you want to kind of warm it up. You can go with the warmer tones of like oranges and reds and golds.