Finding Kid Friendly Lodging

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Finding Kid Friendly Lodging - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Some of my top tips for finding kid-friendly lodging when traveling with small children. One of the first things is: do not think you have to stay in a hotel. One of the best things to do is to rent a home when you traveling with your kids. It gives you a lot more space with the children. They usually have a yard to play in and it just makes it so much more comfortable, especially having a kitchen in case you have a baby and you have prepare baby food, ot having to leave the house for every meal. It is a really great alternative. You could rent houses. There are a lot of great websites out there that have great access to houses all over the world. In addition there is a new trend: swapping houses with people so you do not have to pay anything. Someone will come and stay at your house and you can stay at theirs. So it is a really fun way to explore a new country or a new city and get to see what it is really like to live as the local. And it is great with the kids too. If you are staying in a hotel, I recommend upgrading and getting a suite. One of the reasons for that is obviously, a little extra space is nice with kids, whether you have to put out a crib or the kids are bringing their toys and you just want a little bit of extra room. Also, usually when you get a suite you will also be able to get a refrigerator which is also nice when you are traveling with kids. To be able to have some food along with you so, again, you do not have to go to a restaurant for every meal, which is usually difficult when you are traveling with kids. Also at a hotel, be sure to look to see if they have an elevator. In this day and age you would think that most hotels would have elevators, but that is not always the case. I was traveling with my son once when he was just an infant and we were staying an a gorgeous gorgeous hotel, but it was an older facility and only had stairs. Sure enough, the room that we were booked was on third floor and I, alone, had to carry my jogger stroller up three flights of stairs. So something that I would have never thought of before but something to make sure of: that if you are staying in an older, historic hotel to make sure that they have an elevator and get that room as close to the elevator as possible. One of the other things I like to do is to be sure to stay somewhere where you do not need to get in and out of a car. For me it is really hard to get my son into the car and out of the car. For families with multiple children and small infants, it is even more difficult. If you are able to find a location near all the different attractions that you want to go to, whether it is the beach or the amusement park or in the city near museums, get a hotel that is really close so that you can easily walk out of the front door be where you want to be. It is really really nice to not have to worry about the car. Then, if you need to run back to your room if your children need to take a nap or you need to change clothes, it is really nice to be able to walk right over there. One of the ultimate luxuries is to just stay in an all inclusive resort. There are a lot of resorts that cater specifically to children and families. With this you get the best of everything. You do not have to go anywhere. There are special activities for the kids. A lot of hotels also have kids clubs, so you can think about that if you want to be enjoy dinner with your husband or your spouse and you want some special activities for the kids. Related to that is if you want to find a hotel that has babysitting services. Again, if you just want an hour or two of adult time, many resorts will provide that for you. My last little secret tip is: if you have twins or triplets and you using a double stroller or you have multiple kids, handicap accessible rooms are fabulous. They have wider doors so it makes getting in and out of the room with the stroller just that much easier. I hope these tips are helpful and good luck traveling with your kids.