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    For Environmentalism to Succeed, It Needs to Go Away



    For Environmentalism to Succeed, It Needs to Go Away
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation - The Sustainable Living Festival 2011
    Hear David Suzuki and some of Australia’s leading environmentalists reflect on the successes and failures of the environment movement.The environmental movement in Australia was the first in the world to become a political movement and Australia was home to the world's first Green Party. Australian public opinion and policies have been swayed in the past on crucial issues such as land conservation and nuclear power, but what about climate change?What is the environmental movement doing right and where is it failing? At a packed theatre at Melbourne’s “Sustainable Living Festival”, an extraordinary line up of panelists debate how the environmental movement can best negotiate the most critical global issue it has faced to date... climate change.This event was moderated by the wickedly funny host of the SBS TV show “Rock Wiz”, Julia Zemiro.