Chinese Newspaper Breaks Censorship with Letter to Train Crash Survivor Yiyi

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The Chinese regime has severely restricted media trying to report on the Wenzhou high-speed train crash. But some news organizations have dared to publish articles breaking these restrictions. We now take a look at one such article from China's Economic Observer.

Since the high-speed train crash in Wenzhou on July 23rd, the Chinese regime's propaganda department has imposed tough reporting restrictions on the media. The regime is ordering media organizations to report only positive and "touching stories" about the incident.

Yet some media organizations are daring not to be censored.

One is The Economic Observer. The newspaper published an editorial over the weekend titled "The 7/23 Tragedy: Yiyi, Wait Until You Grow up."

The editorial is written as a letter to Yiyi, a young girl who was rescued from the train wreck, allegedly after the search for survivors had officially been called off by authorities.

The letter is highly critical of how the authorities handled the incident.

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"How should we tell you, as they declared that there were no further signs of life inside the wreckage, and started to clean up the scene of the accident, you however, were still struggling, trapped inside a dark carriage."


"Yiyi, there will finally be a day when you again pass by this place, as the sound's of trains again disturb this quiet land, we hesitate to tell you of the hypocrisy, arrogance, neglect and cruelty behind this tragedy."

The letter goes on to imply that it is the Chinese regime's push for rapid growth at the expense of the people that has led to tragedies such as the Wenzhou crash.