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    NTD AP Transfers Satellite Signal to Chunghwa's ST-2 Satellite


    by NTDTelevision

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    NTD's viewers in Asia can now receive our programming on Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom's ST-2 Satellite. The signal was successfully transferred from the previous satellite on Monday, August 1st.

    The signal frequency is now 3655MHz to 3659MHz.

    Our partner station in Taiwan, NTD Asia Pacific, secured its satellite contract renewal with Chunghwa at the end of June. Taiwan's largest, government backed telecom company, Chunghwa had originally refused the contract renewal. Some suspected the Chinese regime was pressuring NTD because of our news and programming—which exposes issues censored by the Chinese regime.

    This prompted active lobbying by NTD AP and Taiwan's public. The station received support from both local and international lawmakers and media freedom advocates along the way.

    In addition to our worldwide satellite broadcasts, viewers can also watch our programs for free on our website at