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    Shorty's - Home Improvements Port Clinton OH


    by l2v2010

    3 views Shorty’s Home Improvements in Port Clinton OH is an Accredited BBB member who serves the Port Clinton, Marblehead and Sandusky Ohio areas. When you’re ready to add onto your home or just need a simple home repair, Shorty’s Custom Remodeling is the place to call. Our Remodeling Contractors specialize in commercial & residential remodeling and are experienced in Flooring Port Clinton OH, Roofing Port Clinton OH, Siding Port Clinton OH, Handyman Services Port Clinton OH, Exterior Remodeling Port Clinton OH, Home Additions Port Clinton OH, Kitchen & Bath remodeling Port Clinton OH, and all other Home improvements. Give Shorty’s remodeling a call today so we can help you with all your home improvement needs. We can be reached at 419-734-7100.

    Areas Served: Port Clinton OH, Marblehead OH, and Sandusky OH.