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    Mexico Arrests Acapulco Drug Cartel Boss


    by NTDTelevision

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    Mexican authorities have arrested the alleged leader of an Acapulco drug cartel. Regional police say the arrest may lead to a complete clean-up of drug cartels in the Mexican resort city.

    Mexican police have arrested an alleged leader of the independent (drug) cartel of Acapulco (CIDA) linked with the disappearance and murder of 20 people from Michoacan in September last year.

    Authorities made the announcement on Tuesday.

    Police said Moises Montero Alvarez -- also known as "The Korean" and one of the main leaders for the CIDA cartel in Acapulco -- was captured in Acapulco on Monday.

    He was arrested together with a 21-year-old and two minors inside a shop.

    Following his arrest, he told policemen recent killings in Acapulco stem from confrontations between rival drug gangs, including his own, for control of drug routes through the coastal city.

    [Luis Cardenas Palomino, Regional Security Chief of Federal Police]:
    "With regards to this arrest, we would firstly like to say it's a very important arrest. It's a tough blow to the independent cartel of Acapulco. I could tell you their area of influence is Guerrero state and only some areas in Acapulco. We are trying to find the rest of the leaders who will be detained soon. We are really obtaining a lot of information stemming from this arrest which will lead us to completely take these movements in Acapulco apart."

    Montero Alvarez had been in prison in 1999 in Acapulco for extortion after being a local policeman.

    Forty-two-year-old Montero Alvarez is thought to have taken part in several violent events, mainly ordering the murder of rival group members.

    Police said Montero Alvarez ordered that a shopping center called "Acatiaguis" be set on fire in April 7 this year, as well as ordering the murder of Antonio Valdes, the leader of ...