Adding Taste to Health Food

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Adding Taste to Health Food - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. If your healthy foods are tasting bland, your biggest friend is going to be your spices and your herbs. These pack a lot of flavor and can change what you are making, making it taste more vibrant and also making it more varied throughout the week. So definitely stock up your cabinet with your herbs and your spices. If you are not very good at seasoning things, or you do not have a lot of experience with herbs and spices, you are in luck. Because a lot of the spice companies make things like Italian Seasoning, or Indian Spices, things that are already combined that you can go ahead and put on to your prepared meal, and it will flavor that up for you. Some of my other tips are to get a good quality salad dressing, or a good quality sauce or marinade, things that you can put over the top of it in small portions and correct portions to make them taste varied and more flavorful. The other thing that I always say is pick one new recipe a week. There is a lot of recipes out there: online, through the grocery stores, maybe even through your friends. That is a great way to do it. Ask your friends and family how do they cook their broccoli? See how they like to do it, and then try it at home. If it is awful, you have not really wasted that much time. But if it is good, then you have a new way of preparing a healthy meal for yourself.