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    Shopping for Home Décor in San Francisco

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Shopping for Home Décor in San Francisco - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. The San Francisco Bay area is a wonderful place to shop for unique home items and home decor. My favorite place in all of the Bay area is Lulu Palm which is located in Loscatos. It is a perfect combination of one of a kind antiques and modern home furnishings. They have everything from furniture to lighting to wonderful pieces of artwork. You will find everything you want and they also offer designing services as well. It is really magical every time I walk in there, I love all the glitter and the feathers and the really unique combination of items that they carry. Another great place in Loscatos is called Frank and you might miss Frank because it is just a little sliver of a shop that is right next to the Bank of America parking lot of all places and it has the most amazing collection of outdoor, kind of funky antiques and items that you will want for your garden and home. The combination of recycled products and antiques and just a really really funky shop that it is a great place to check out. Up the Bay area a little bit up in San Francisco and in Berkley is The Gardener. They have a San Francisco location at the Ferry Building, but they are best location I have to say is over on 4th street and Berkley. The Gardener has a beautiful collection of home gifts, items, unique items, as well as some furniture. My friend got some tables there that are basically like works of art so definitely check out the Gardener on 4th street and while you are at 4th street there are so many wonderful shops there that a lot of people do not know about. So definitely check out 4th street and Berkley. In San Francisco there is a great shop on Polk street called Homey, the woman who started it, Michelle Homey, luckily has a name that is very similar to home so it is kind of a unique place. She has a gorgeous collection of really interesting one of a kind pieces and antiques for your home. So it is a definitely must stop place there on Polk street in San Francisco. Then when you head over the Golden Gate Bridge definitely go to San an Somo if you are a fan of antiques. They are known for their wonderful collection of antique stores. Two of my favorites are Antique Legacy and Yankee Girl Antiques right there on Sir Francis strip Boulevard in San an Somo, you will not be disappointed from the amazing collection that you will find there. So grab your car and your credit cards and go shopping for wonderful home decor in the San Francisco Bay area.