Rihanna Wears Her Raunchiest Outfit Yet For Barbados Carnival

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Rihanna wore next to nothing as she took part in the Kadmooment Day parade in Barbados.


I love her and her forehead. I'd marry them both. She could have a five-head and still be gorgeous. That's when you know you're haute. When you have flaws that actually make you sexier.Rihanna is gorgeous because her forehead is huge and it would look strange on anyone else.
By LayeredCake 2 years ago
Reporter should have done some research. His comments turn my stomach. Ewww. Sort of like a creepy old guy stumbling into a slumber party of 8 year old girls. He's in the wrong place, he doesn't understand what he sees, he's reading it all wrong, and he should just get out immediately.
By Donna Barker 2 years ago
If you know anything about carnival, that is normal wear. She looked beautiful. Get with it.
By Bettylynne Serrao 2 years ago
I don't understand how that's raunchy. She's in Barbados, at Carnival. I'd say she looks the height of demure.
By Matthew Carson 2 years ago
So what ??? I wish I was there
By Clayton Jackson 2 years ago
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