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    Cbeyond Washington D.C. job review

    EFFICIENT WEBSITE REDUCES PATIENT CALLS! DR. DAVID PINSKY, Rockville, Maryland - Part II Our website has everything a patient would need to learn about the office. Because our website is so efficient, it allows my staff not to have so many phone calls from patients. Cbeyond is great. They keep everything posted perfectly and we're very happy.

    VERY SATISFIED WITH CBEYOND SERVICE & SUPPORT! Our patients, who are the lifeline of the practice and the doctors who are a lifeline for the patients, can freely communicate with each other. This has really augmented the telecommunications component of our practice and we are very satisfied so far with the service and the support from Cbeyond.

    DEDICATED INTERNET SERVICE IS GREAT!! Cbeyond's dedicated internet service is really great because we need everything to be secure. I feel confident with Cbeyond that I'm getting the privacy that I need.