Auto Talk 101: Red Flags When Choosing an Auto Shop

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Auto Talk 101: Red Flags When Choosing an Auto Shop - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. My name is Rhonda Mayfield, I own Evert Automotive in Elk Grove, California. Some of the things to consider when you are choosing an automotive repair shop are these: your first contact with the shop, whether you are chatting with someone on the telephone or at the desk, do they seem friendly and informational or do you feel like you are in their way? Another thing to consider is the facility cleanliness. Are the customer areas tidy and in good repair? That is often a very good reflection of what is happening in the shop area in the back of the house and also a reflection of how that shop tends to work. Another thing to consider is the shop's willingness or unwillingness to explain a repair procedures and the costs involved. As a consumer you are entitled to ask questions and get those answered to your satisfaction, as well as being shown parts that were involved in the process. Another thing to consider is your estimate work; if you are given an estimate from the very beginning and your final bill matches that you are in good space. If there is a wide discrepancy, that should not ever happen, there should be no surprises when you go pick up your car.