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    Foods Good for Healthy Cholesterol Levels

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Foods Good for Healthy Cholesterol Levels - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. There are five foods that you can start eating if you have high cholesterol and it will help bring these numbers down. And if you do not have high cholesterol you can eat these things regularly to prevent it, in case it is something that runs in your family. The first one is garlic. Garlic is very good at reducing cholesterol. If you do not want to put alot of garlic in your food because you do not want people avoiding you, you can always take a garlic capsule and you can find these at the local health food store. The second one is apple. Apple has something in it called pectin and pectin is really good at reducing cholesterol. Dried beans. So I do not mean green beans but beans like kidney beans, black beans and garbonzo beans. These have that special kind of fiber in there that also helps reduce cholesterol levels. The fifth one is steel cut oats. Now this is an important one because regular rolled oats do not do it, instant oats do not do it, it is steel cut oats. They have this special kind of fiber in there called Beta Glucen, and that Beta Glucen literally binds to the cholesterol in your body and pulls it out. And the research shows all it takes is half a cup of steel cut oats 5 days a week and in 6 weeks of doing that you will see drops in your cholesterol numbers and your doctor will be very happy with you.