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    Foods That Cause Allergies

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    by Geo Beats

    Foods That Cause Allergies - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. The eight most common foods that cause food allergies are: milk and eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, such as cashews and pecans, fish, shellfish and particularly crustaceans like shrimp and a lobster, soy and wheat. These eight foods account for ninety percent of all the food allergies, and these symptoms can range from very mild to very severe, or even life threatening. The symptoms are GI distress or itchy rashy skin with hives, respiratory distress, runny nose. A lot of times people think that the respiratory distress they are having is actually due to outside allergies in the environment, when actually it is a food allergy. Now these eight foods are common for the anaphylactic reactions; these are very different than food intolerances. These are the ones, the anaphylactic reactions are the ones that are life threatening. Food intolerances are more of just an irritating effect on the body, and so it is important to understand and get the right test. If you are looking for the anaphylactic reactions, that test is called an IGE test. A food intolerance test is different, that is called an IGG test. So make sure when you go to your doctor and you are seeking this advice, that you are looking for the right test.