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name connected to the underground scene of Athens for almost 9 years now. Formally known as Apostolis Palantzas, was born in Dortmund, Germany in 1974. Got in touch with music in the end of 80’s - exploring many kinds of different styles but the electronic revolution in the start of the 90’s hooked him and get him self into the dj vibe. His Dj experience followed pushed him to become an established house and techno dj and has performed in almost all clubs in Athens and all around Greece…, even abroad and he performed beside great international artists... .. Spinning tunes wasn’t enough for him. He meets Ad.Mark (Adreas Markantonis) 5 years ago, a fellow dj and music producer. They decide to join forces in production fields and started working on it spending lot of time in the studio!! Constant experiments and many hours of endless looping finally got a form. Labels attracted by their fresh style and the first releases came in NRG, TSOE, Remud and Candyflip. Suggestions for more followed in Rebirth, ACDC, Presslab, Kumquat Tunes, Plastik Park and Global Underground where u can find their latest tracks and remixes!.. .. Regarding all those years of experience “Quantized Music” record Label was founded by Tolis Q in 2007!!! Following his instincts and his common vision with Alex Radical, set their goals, moving slowly and carefully as the music market demands. Tolis Q and Alex try to keep high quality and modern dance music in various forward thinking styles... .. Looking up for the future Tollis Q is constantly working his own productions across with his dj sets and label releases. New tracks are signed at the moment for Kumquat, Dialtones, Plusquam and Strange Love... ..

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