Czech President Turns His Back on Australia's Carbon Tax

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Visiting Australia is one of the most influential leaders in post communist Europe. The Czech Republic President, Mr Vaclav Klaus is warning people of the parallels between the destructive policies of communism and the potential loss of freedom coming from the global warning doctrine and it’s resulting carbon tax legislation. We were at his talk in Melbourne.

With the carbon emissions tax looming on the horizon in Australia, the President of the Czech Republic touched down in the country for climate change talks.

Although softly spoken, Vaclav Klaus is tough when it comes to this subject. Speaking at a dinner in Melbourne he said that climate change is a "mass delusion."

He insists that the costs of fighting climate change will be way too high, and he doesn't see any real threat from climate change to cause global warming.

[Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic]:
"Regardless of whether we deal with an actual or fictional global warming we should know that even if something is detrimental and gives rise to some costs and losses it's not rational to reduce it to zero".

President Klaus, who as a former economist, is opposed to putting a price on carbon. He believes that global warming alarmists are not interested in the environment; he says they want to constrict our freedom and prosperity.

In 1989 he was a member of the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia, which brought down the communist party. In 1992 he became Prime Minister of his country.

[Prema Kunz, Doctor]:
"I understand the perspective he was talking about because I lived under the same regime".

Meanwhile Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has refused private talks with President Klaus.

Gillard, who strongly believes in the need for a carbon emissions trading scheme plans to implement the tax by mid year 2012...