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    CCL Adrenaline #6 (p1)

    CAW Champions League

    by CAW Champions League

    From April 25, 2010.

    Can anyone stop the seven-foot beast Armageddon? So far, that answer seems to be no. He couldnt touch Aaron Alexander or Thanos by order of GM George Lopez unless physically provoked if he wants a shot at the world title, so he took his frustrations out on Nathan House. He was on the business end of a tombstone piledriver on the stage as the last show ended. What will Armageddon do next?

    Dallas defeated Meredith Clark back at Uprising, but now shes without a challenger for the womens title. Miss Penny Dreadful is eyeing that belt. Dallas, the champion she is, stuck a roadblock in her way, and her name is Miley Cyrus. Can the defender of justice take down the pop princess?

    All this, and more, plus announcements from CCL GM George Lopez and founder Sushi-X on this edition of Adrenaline.

    * Dallas/Tammy vs. Meredith Clark/Calypso
    * Tommy Kazarian vs. Alex Rodriguez
    * Miss Penny Dreadful vs. Miley Cyrus