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    How To Make Your Windows 7 or Vista look like Mac OS X Lion


    by vgsolarsystem

    Song: Maths by DeadMau5

    Written Instructions:

    How To Make Your Windows 7/Vista look like Mac OS X Lion


    Windows 7/Vista Computer

    1. Go to and sownload and install CustoPack Tools.

    2. Then, install the skin, Mac OS X Lion Inspirat for CustoPack Tools.

    3. Wait and when it is done installing, restart your computer.

    4. Make your RocketDock be on the Bottom using RocketDock Settings.

    5. Auto-Hide the taskbar.

    6. Customize RocketDock like you want and your Windows 7/Vista looks like Mac OS X Lion.

    For any questions, please email me at Thank You for seeing my video or reading my written instructions.