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    Polar Bear Twins Growing up in China


    by NTDTelevision

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    And finally... twin polar bear cubs born in China just six months ago are learning to become independent. Born at the Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park and abandoned by their biological mother, the twins are starting to grow up.

    Six-month-old twin polar bear cubs—Lele and Jingjing—are learning to become independent from staff members at the Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park in northeast China's Liaoning Province.

    To reduce their dependence on the park's caretakers, the siblings were taken to a variety of living spaces and fed twice a day instead of every few hours.

    Instead of manually caring for the cubs, staff members slowly decrease physical human contact. They used cameras to monitor the cubs and provide them with different toys to amuse themselves.

    Lele and Jingjing are still getting used to the changes.

    [Li Li, Dalian Laohutan Ocean Park Staff Member]:
    "(The bear) seems to know my feeding pattern. Each time when it has eaten two thirds of the food, it would look sideways at me as if to make sure I was there. If it thought I was leaving, it would immediately drop what it was eating and hold me."

    The park's caretakers expect the two young polar bears to be totally independent in about two months.