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    Anjem Choudary Works For British Government

    Joe Gitgun

    by Joe Gitgun


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    knightsofstjoan2004 .
    Anjem Choudary should be killed like Osama Bin Laden. The United Kingdom and each members of the European Union should pass a law that will abolish Islamic institution and ban the burqa, and they should also outlaw sharia and close down Islamic schools, bar imams and mullahs from using the media to spread the message of Islam and calling for full sharia law, close down mosques and demolish them, ban political protests by Muslims, and decrease the number of Muslim immigrants from Islamic countries and deport them and bar them from entering any European countries (if they have an agenda and are unrepentant of their Islamization campaing and movement and their ideology). And as for this man Anejm Chodary, he should be declared an outlaw.
    By knightsofstjoan2004 .3 years ago