An Immediate Plan for Afterlife - P2/3

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  • Add to – An Immediate Plan for Afterlife - P2/3 May 28, 1989 San Francisco, California, USA. Episode: 1716, Air Date: 27 May 2011. Script

@If we want to become a Buddha,we have to follow the Buddha's road,the Buddha's method,of enlightenment. So in the Buddhist scripture,the Surangama Sutra - 『Leng Yan Jing,』『Kinh Lăng Nghiêm』- Shakyamuni Buddha said we have to practice the method of turning the hearing inward and hearing the inner Nature,the Self nature. How can we hear the inner Nature?Then it must have some Sounds.

So,exactly, we come to that point. Inner Sound vibration we can hear,but without the ears. To open the inner ears is a job of someone who knows how to open it. It is like to fly an airplane is the job of some pilot who knows how to fly it.

He has learned it and he has been capable and he has obtained the permission to fly. Not only he can fly himself back home but he can take along so many others with h