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    Ukrainian Cossacks Remember a Famous Leader


    by NTDTelevision

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    Guests gather in a small Cossack village in Kyiv. One of the most famous Ukrainian leaders, called "hetman" lived and was buried here. A hetman was the highest military office of the Ukraine's Cossacks. They celebrate his life with horse riding and acrobatics. Let's take a look.

    The stunt horse show "The Ukrainian Cossacks" has performed before the Queen of Great Britain, Saudi sheiks, kings of Indonesia, Sweden and Denmark. Today riders and horses show off their tricks for the residents of the Ukrainian village of Subbotov.

    [Oleg Yurchishin, Head of Stunt Horse Show "The Ukrainian Cossacks"]:
    "It's acrobatics that are executed on a horse at full gallop."

    Cossacks were Ukrainian troops who defended the country.

    For about 300 years villagers of Subbotov have commemorated the election of a Cossak chairman, that was kept secret from the Russian empire, after the death of the Cossacks State Hetman Bogdan Khmelnitsky.

    [Constantine Oliynyk, Director of the Cossack Village "Mamaev Sloboda"]:
    "The residents of Subbotov collected, passed the hetman's power. They elected an ataman or hetman, a judge, and a special officer to protect the Ukrainian government from deteriorating."

    STAND- UP:
    "The 5 Ukrainian hryvnia note is a daily reminder for people of the head of Cosscks army Bogdan Khmelnitsky. On the one side is his portrait. On the other is St. Elias Church in the village of Subbotov, where the tomb of the hetman is located."

    Today, people from Subbotov consider themselves to be great-grandchildren of those Cossacks who were personal guard of commander. They speak with pride on their village.

    [Sergei Mikhailyuta
    "The Cossacks built by order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky three wells. Near these wells an old man lived, who was making concoctions and treat soldiers with it."