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CID: Ranjitha was in Swami Sex Video

Breaking News! In a significant revelation, the CID claimed that the Tamil actress Ranjitha was indeed in the Swami Nithyananda sex video. The video footage that was aired on many channels, had ruined the god status of Swami.

However, the actress had been claiming that the face the footage was showing with Swami was not her face. She told that her face was morphed. But the forensic reports showed that it was Ranjitha who was in the sex video.

The CID has checked many times the genuinity of the video clip and finally landed up the conclusion that the actress was in the sex scandal in 2010 with the god like man Swami .

The CID said that as per the actress's claim, they had sent the photographs to the Forensic Science Labs (FSL) at Hyderabad and Chandigarh separately. The forensic labs also confirmed that the images are genuine and the woman present in the video with Swami was the actress Ranjitha.

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