Israeli Doctors Work to Save Toddlers' Eye

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A Belarussian baby suffering from a rare form of eye cancer is brought to Israel to undergo special treatment. The therapy could save little Victoria's eye -- and her life. Our correspondents bring us the details.

Retinoblastoma is a very aggressive cancer and a baby develops the eye affliction early on his or her life.

The vigilance of baby Victoria's mother brought her to diagnose and receive treatments for her seventeen-months old baby in her native homeland, Belarus.

The common signs of the disease's progression is that an infant's eye becomes white or yellow or the child develops sideways vision.

[Oksana Pranko, Mother]:
"In February, I saw a light inside her eye, but I did not pay attention to it and I did not think it was anything unusual. But in April this year we decided to see an eye doctor. We received a frightening diagnosis -- Retinoblastoma. I felt as if the earth was slipping from under my feet - I was feeling terribly depressed!"

In the past children died from this disease because the cells grew in the eye and spread to the infant's brain.

Victoria's father shares:

[Alexander Pranko, Father]:
"After we were given this terrible diagnosis in Belarus, the doctors summoned us to have an operation and remove our baby's eye on June 1, 2011. We began to look for medicine and clinics through the Internet in Israel and Germany. Within 3 days we received an official response from Israel and a booking for treating our child at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer."

The Prankos and Victoria landed in Israel in late May.

Dr. Dai was assigned to the case. The purpose of therapy was to save the child's life, her eye and her vision.