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    The Different Aspects of God - P2/2


    by smtvuploads

    15 views – The Different Aspects of God - P2/2 September 27, 1994 Singapore). Episode: 1713, Air Date: 24 May 2011. Script
    *Dear Master, near my home there are a group of stray dogs, 15,running around. If I alert the council and they terminate the dogs, I will feel responsible for their deaths. If I do nothing and someone gets attacked by these dogs,I would also feel responsible for my inaction to prevent it. In addition,more dogs will be produced until it becomes a big problem. How do I solve this dilemma? I thank your graceful wisdom.

    @Is there any dogs’ home in Singapore?Yes? Then why don't you contact with the dogs’ home which receive dogs and take care of them, and they will take care of them. They don't take care? They put them to sleep? Poor dogs. I don't know,really. You have to do what you think is the best. I don't know if the dogs are vicious or the dogs are kind.

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