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    On The Highway by Pennan Brae


    by MusicDishTV

    Directed by Spool, “On The Highway,” is Pennan Brae’s lead single from his third album, Early Rise. Shot in LA and Las Vegas during the summer, the video features talented Los Angeles actors Caitlin Bray, Liesel Kopp, and Keaton Shyler. A nice hard pounding intro along with plenty of eye candy captivates the viewer as Rock/Pop artist P.B. does his musical thing in this very lively and catchy song. A nice story accompanies this video allowing both visual and audio pleasures as the plot unfolds. Art and color seem to be the video’s hook as the music kicks and the singer entertains us with his vocals along with the talented musicians who are backing him up. Brae makes looking cool and chilling out easy and fun as he travels on the highway in a convertible wearing a nice white suit and a pretty girl as well. “On The Highway” is truly a road song, but is also great for just relaxing. Interesting and fun, both the video and track are sure to please.